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    Blaine County Roleplay Community


    Community Newsletter

    Published on May 31st

    Welcome to the May Edition of the community Newsletter that covers both Xbox One and PC, The last few weeks have been an Interesting few weeks and have shown just how much things can change in one month, I look forward to sharing with you what has been going on behind the scenes and what will be going on in the future.


    This newsletter is a little shorter than some of the others as there hasn't been as much going on throughout the month of May, but still some interesting topics to cover. 







    Media Team fore hire. 

    As Most of you probably know, Relentless has been doing most of our media relations for awhile now, this is awesome and we appreciate him for doing it, however, as we grow and expand we would like to bring more people on to the media team for the following things:

    -GTA V RP Screenshots
    -GTA V RP Short Film
    -Marketing Strategies
    -Social Media Postings
    -Content Design

    Please feel free to open up a ticket in our main discord to talk to the staff team about the opportunities.

    PC & Xbox Attendance Updates

    Over the last few months things have been quite crazy, from coronavirus lockdowns to many other socio political things

    occurring and they have all had their effects here, our attendance was at an all time high, and came crashing down to an

    all time low.  This is because of the Stay at home orders and then states slowly re opening their doors to the public.

    PC & Xbox Content  Updates.

    Xbox and Pc have both received numerous content updates throughout the month of May, and will continue to do so in

    June. Properties have been a large part of our focus this month as we have been slowly but surely bringing new updates

    to the PC server and Xbox server concerning the way user owned property is used.


    PC Staff Opportunities. 

    The PC Staff team is looking for several positions if you are on the PC side and feel as if you would be a good fit for some

    open positions please contact our community manager. 



    To the members,
    Thank you. 





    May, 31st 2020

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