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    Blaine County Roleplay Community


    Community Newsletter

    Published on March 31st

    Welcome to the March Edition of the community Newsletter that covers both Xbox One and PC, The last few weeks have been a hectic few weeks and have been a time of social distancing, I look forward to sharing with you what has been going on and what will be going on in the future.

    We have some really cool things to talk about in this newsletter, so stick around and hear all of the exciting changes and additions to the community.  I apologize for this edition being so late in the month, but please, stick around and read our top stories.







    PC Update 

    Our PC Server has gone under some drastic improvements with the addition of new admins, members and some new

    improvements. We are excited to say that we are improving in ways that we originally thought not possible, we move into

    April with high hopes of what is possible with the PC server. Throughout March we had numerous roleplays with our

    members that were over what we though possible and look forward to continuing that trend. 

    Xbox Update 

    As we approach the end of March the Xbox Community is growing now more than ever and with so many great things

    happening for the xbox side of the community including events, website upgrades and the implementation of new and

    improved ideas that you the community have suggested including changes to our court and legislative systems.  


    COVID-19 and our Event Team

    As it has been discussed between staff and even with our community during this time, both on our PC and Xbox sides,

    during this very trying time where we have been asked to stay home from virtually everything unless you are an

    absolutely essential part of the work force and to those of you who are Thank you, during this time, for us it is especially

    important for us to keep our operation normal, but what you will notice is an uptick of events, but for this to happen event

    team is looking for new people and new event suggestions please contact someone on the event team if you're interested.

    Help wanted - PC
    Our Pc Division is looking for dedicated individuals for the following teams, Recruitment team, Membership Team, Media Team and our Discipline Team  if any of these roles sound interesting to you please contact someone on staff immediately so we can get you to the right place to start getting involved. 

    Social Media Presence
    For anyone interested on both Xbox and PC, The Community is actively looking for individuals to partake in the communities upkeep of social media if you feel that you have enough time on your hands to help out with the constant need to update social media, please contact staff as this is an ever growing and ever changing project. 

    Essential Workers
    I would like to take a moment to thank, as we all should, our essential workers during this time, whether you be a health care worker, police officer, firefighter, paramedic, 911 dispatcher, truck driver or grocery store clerk. I am sorry if I missed a few but please know you are appreciated now more than ever before and for those of you who cannot be here because of that we appreciate you. 

    To the members,
    Thank you. 





    March, 31st 2020

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