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  • Published on July 2nd

    Welcome to the June Edition of the community Newsletter that covers both Xbox One and PC, That's right the JUNE Edition of the Monthly Newsletter This past month of June has been a productive one, but one that has not been without change.


    This newsletter is a little longer than other newsletters have been as there is a lot of new custom content coming to BCRPC, that we think you will all enjoy. 






    BCRPC PC Launcher, Releases July 9th

    We are incredibly happy to announce the addition of our BCRPC PC, Launcher to our communities tools of resources, the PC Launcher is a tool that you will be able to download starting July 9th that gives you the user, the ability to connect to the server without opening the FiveM Client Manually. The BCRPC Launcher is programmed to automatically connect you to our server with the click of only one button!

    BCRPC PC Addition, FivePD

    A very requested feature from users of our PC community has been FivePD, while it is still in the testing phases, I am glad to announce that it is officially available for our users to play on and use as they please when on the server. There will be additional information given about FivePD in the Coming Weeks. 


    Xbox Courtroom Bot - Releases July 7th

    The Xbox Server has been being worked on tirelessly to improve the realism and other things in the server, we have taken the time to have a custom courtroom bot commissioned for the community and the bot will come with instructions on how to use it once the release is finalized, The release date is subject to change.


    To the members,
    Thank you. 





    July, 2nd, 2020

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