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    Published on August 22nd

    Welcome to the community newsletter for the months of July and August you might ask why both months, well sometimes people are just forgetful and life happens, But I digress. We have a plethora of new and exciting things to go over that have happened these last two months so be sure to read it all here. 







    (Credit Sean Wong PC)


    Xbox Update

    Over the last two months, Xbox has seen its fair share of troubles and challenges but our community has made the best of it, from issues with attendance to other issues that aren't as critical. The things we do on a daily basis are for fun, some have described the community as being in "a slump right now" and that is unfortunate but not anything we have not seen before as a community either. 

    Some members have asked what they can do to help, in the next few topics, you will read about other things you can do to help and important updates for you to help with, but for this topic, please focus on recruitment, deparment heads have been given a directive to make sure their departments are recruiting a certain amount of people per week, some departments are enforcing this, others are not. 

    Departmental recruitment and recruitment in general is extremely important for the success of our community, without it we cannot succeed as a community. 


    Event Team Returning

    There has been a decision made by command staff that believe it is the best route if the event team makes a return, anyone who is interested in spicing up roleplay and comes up with good, CREATIVE ideas, for roleplay should take interest in the event team. 

    Requirements Include, No serious Discipline infractions, Minimum of at least one event idea per week, No serious Discipline History.  The Requirements are subject to change based on the needs of the Team. 


    Xbox Community and Uniqueness

    A weird heading nonetheless however, we want to ask you the community, what makes us stand out to you among the crowd of hundreds if not thousands of other communities out there? Why us? What can we do better to make our community stand out more? We work tirelessly each and every day to provide an endless entertainment for you and your friends because we love to do this as much as you do. Let us know, what do you want to see that is unique in this community?


    PC Update

    As many have made clear over the past few months, ESX is not something that many wanted to stay in the server. However, working with an individual for the past few weeks, we believe we have found a replacement to ESX that will be revealed at the beginning of September, it is a new Framework and it is being heavily customized to fit our individual communities needs. 

    With this in mind, in September when this Framework does drop, there may be unexpected errors associated with said framework so please be patient with us as we work to make sure the server is stable and ready to undergo this task. 

    To the members,
    Thank you. 





    August 22nd, 2020

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