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    Community Newsletter

    Published on February 24th

    Welcome to the February Edition of the community Newsletter that covers both Xbox One and PC, The last few weeks have been an expansive few weeks and have been exciting, I look forward to sharing with you what has been going on and what will be going on in the future.

    We have some really cool things to talk about in this newsletter, so stick around and hear all of the exciting changes and additions to the community.  I apologize for this edition being so late in the month, but please, stick around and read our top stories.







    PC Update 

    Our PC Server has some exciting changes coming to it, with the addition of new modifications as well as the vote of going

    to a full time 24/7 server or staying on scheduled roleplays, The PC server has certainly struggled with some set backs but

    we have faith that it will be back up and running again as all of us work diligently to make the PC part of roleplay a great

    place for everyone. 

    Xbox Update 

    The Xbox side of the community is doing very well in the first two months of 2020. The Community has come up with a lot

    of new ideas some of those ideas were met with harsh controversy but all in all, the end result was a community that is as

    realistic as it gets and it is getting even more so everyday, we always ask for your feedback here on our forums or just

    simply reach out to our staff members


    Membership Needs You!

    The Membership Team is in need of individuals who are willing to assist in the new member intake process, this

    processincludes assisting members get onto the streets of san andreas in a timely fashion, if you believe you are the right

    person for this task and fit the qualities of being active, knowlegable about the community and are a friendly member of

    the community then this might be the job for you. 

    As we end February, Government is at the forefront of most members minds with roleplay events being held to determine who our new elected officials will be, staff wants to hear from YOU on this topic about what would make the government aspect of roleplay better for our users, we have been a growing community and not many can say they have a fully functioning government with the claim being true, we can and we want to capitilize on it so let us know your suggestions. 

    As most of you know by now, a large part of our long term goal has been to improve the economic side of BCRPC and make the money within the community worth more as well as make sure it is a fair process to make money and earn money while keeping things realistic for the entire community we once again need YOUR opinions on these topics so please, message staff your thoughts on how money works and what could be implemented. 

    If there is anyone out there, The community for a long time now has been looking for a way to get our content onto Youtube, we believe this would help us grow and help us get a name out there for ourselves, a member in the community used to post fairly often but no longer does so we are looking for members who have the ability to post and are willing to regularly post on youtube. 

    To the members,
    Thank you. 





    February 24th 2019

    Edited by CheetahDrew

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