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    Blaine County Roleplay Community


    Community Newsletter

    Published on April 27th

    Welcome to the April Edition of the community Newsletter that covers both Xbox One and PC, The last few weeks have been an Interesting few weeks and have been a time of continued social distancing, I look forward to sharing with you what has been going on behind the scenes and what will be going on in the future.


    We have some really interesting updates to share with all of you this time around and some really neat updates down the line I think you all will be interested in knowing about stay tuned and read closely. 






    PC Update 

    The PC Side of our community here at BCRPC has been going well, with some minor hiccups along the way we are dedicated to

    providing all of our users a wonderful experience inside and outside the community server, a lot of updates are being planned for

    our server which we will make more announcements about later during May, these updates will include playability and content

    updates with suggested features from the community which the Administrative staff believe will ultimately increase the value and

    playability of the server as a whole. 

    Xbox Update

    Xbox has been absolutely thriving throughout April, through our social media presence it has been a crazy month of new members

    we welcome with open arms to the community and we want to thank for making the community great. We will discuss in further

    detail below what is specifically coming up for the Xbox server and what you can do to help the Xbox server achieve our goals of

    being one of, if not the most realistic roleplay server on the Xbox One platform, The server is going well and we intend to keep it that

    way, stay tuned for more information. 

    Teams and You

    The Teams on Xbox and PC are looking for people who are dedicated to helping our community grow and prosper to step up and

    step into the ranks whether or not you have been here for a week or two years, we'd like to hear from you and hear if you are

    interested in helping on a team, The Membership Team, Media Team and Event Team are all looking for people who are talented in

    creative thinking and able to assist in the daily operations of the community if you think you are a good fit for any of these rules

    please contact someone on the staff team to get started in the process of the applications 

    The Xbox Property Update

    The Xbox Property Update is a big one for us and will be rolling out soon, we wont go over everything here so make sure that you

    stay tuned to the announcements channel for the most up to date information. Xbox Properties will be receiving an update in the

    next month revolving around the way properties are sold, bought and interacted with we feel there is much more potential for

    property ownership within the community and that the economy in game can benefit from this, so stay tuned.

    Social Media and YouTube

    Social Media is a big part of BCRPC and you can help, the Media Team is looking for members and with that, we're looking for

    content from both PC and Xbox to feature on the community YouTube, Facebook and Instagram pages. If you feel that you are a

    good fit for the Media team and can take good, quality video recordings, pictures or contribute other media related production to the

    team, contact a staff member and we can help. Our YouTube Presence is ever increasing, In the coming days we will inform you of

    what the requirements will be for posting YouTube Content to our channel as it grows. 

    The 24 hour roleplay

    The 24 Hour Roleplay is an event that some new members may not be familiar with, but as the name suggests, it is a summer time 

    event that occurs once every year where members partake in staying up during a 24 hour period and role-playing this event is

    generally greatly anticipated and while we cannot yet release a date for this event keep and eye on the #announcements channel in

    the discord, we will be updating you on when this event will take place and the events within the 24h roleplay this year. 

    Second Sessions

    Second sessions are a topic that is full of mixed emotions, containing excitement, anger, frustration and confusion. The Second

    session has some negative stigma aimed at it such as that if you are in the second session you're not worthy of the first, this

    shouldn't be happening. Second Sessions just show the increased demand for roleplay and the community doing so well that is

    needs one, No other community that I know of has this issue and that is a good thing, let's work together to make it work, which

    means don't Queue into first session just because, work to make second session just as enjoyable. 

    As we continue to grow

    As we continue to grow, we know that there will be difficult challenges and there will be times where individuals need to persevere

    more than others, we thank everyone for their continued dedication to not only BCRPC but the roleplay community in its entirety we

    have a lot of interesting and fun ideas that we plan on implementing over the next few weeks/months and some of them we have

    outlined in this newsletter and we hope that you will enjoy them. 


    To the members,
    Thank you. 





    April, 27th 2020

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